Sanctions for violations of academic integrity

I reserve the right to ask any student to explain to me their solution of any problem on any of the assignments.
I may do so either one on one, or during a lecture in front of the whole class.
The decision as to how I will ask the student is entirely up to me.
If I want to ask the student one on one, I will email them and give the student
either 6 hours (if my email is sent before 2 pm) or until 10 am the following morning to respond.
If I do not receive a response within that time period, I will refer the student to the Center for Student Conduct.

The students are expected to turn in their exam prepration sheets to the instructor after each test.

Any situation where a student turns in work that is not entirely their own will be considered a violation of academic integrity.
Any such case will be referred by me to the Center for Student Conduct (CSC). I will follow the rules described below in recommending to the CSC a penalty to be imposed to the parties involved. The CSC ultimately decides whether to follow my recommendation or not.

Exams and Quizzes

  - The first time that I detect that a student has turned in work that is not entirely their own, I will impose the penalty from 50% (very unlikely) to 150% (very likely) of the assignment grade; this decision is left entirely up to me.
Example 1:
Students A and B have been found to collaborate on 1 problem in a midterm. Their grade for this midterm will be  between 10% (50% of the total of 20%) of the final course grade and -10% [minus ten percent] of the final course grade. If violation is detected only in 1 problem, and all other problems clearly show the students' own work, I may (but am not under any obligation to) consider assigning the grade between 0 and 10%, i.e. in the higher range.
Example 2:
Student C has been found to use outside help (either from a classmate or any other resource) on 2 problems on a midterm. This student's grade for this midterm will be -10% [minus ten percent] of the final course grade. (That is, again, a negative amount, or a total penatly of 30% of the final grade.)

   - In case of the second violation, I will recommend that the student(s) be given an XF for the course.

    If the instance of violation involves more than one person, then all people involved in this instance will be given the same penalty. This rule will not be changed under any circumstances. 

Extra credit problems

Sanctions for these are described in  Instructions for doing an Extra credit assignment.